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The Team Production was founded in Beirut in 2011 by Tony Tannous and Sarah Attieh with the goal to produce innovative shows and collaborate with the best artists in the Arab region. 

With offices in Beirut and Dubai, the Team production has produced multiple social, reality, documentary and music shows with productions expanding to 40 countries around the world. 

The team production offers content creation, development, production, consulting and adaptation of content catered for the Arab markets.

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About Us

Original Format

A combination between a reality TV series & a documentary focusing on: Houses improvements versus the environmental issues. An educational show to increase public awareness about the global warming’s destructive effect and how they can contribute to a more ecological way of living. Entertainment via Knowledge - An entertaining friendly show that teaches in simple ways how to render your home, the outdoor surroundings more green. A TV program that shows a house renovation or/and transformation via sustainable energies. 
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The show is about reuniting torn families, lost love; lost souls and helping people change the course of their lives.“Safha Jdideh” gives people a second chance in trying to correct past errors & connect with each other.This show resolves remorse & regrets, it will ask redemption & forgiveness from the people involved bringing together long time separated lovers, brothers and sisters, parents and adopted children..In short we are helping people get another chance in life.".Powered by Froala Editor
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Stay Tuned” is a new docu-reality series where two musicians travel the world exploring the local music, culture and traditions of each country.
They will also spread their oriental culture by creating a musical Duo with different local musicians, and change our perception of the world. The show focuses on a real direct contact with music lovers, the discovery of traditions, musical culture as well as the panorama of a country on the social and artistic level. The main purpose of the show is to discover through music new people and cultures from different countries who share the same universal language “The Music”. Each episode is dedicated to a country following both hosts as they meet local talent musicians and singers in search for different vibrant music from folk to modern genre discovering new colorful and unusual locations.
They will also explore and share with them the traditions and specialties of their country expressed through dance, food and lifestyle. Powered by Froala Editor
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The show is about a passionate host who decides to uncover the world’s hidden culinary heritage with a celebrity.
Throughout the episode, they cook the favorite authentic dish of the celebrity with advice, instructions and new techniques from the recipe owner via video call. After successfully completing the first course, and revealing the celebrity’s character, her relationship and love of food, the host surprises the celebrity by contacting a foreign chef with whom they decide to create a fusion dish, mixing between the native cuisine of the foreign chef and the native cuisine of the celebrity.  Powered by Froala Editor
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“I Fashion” is a reality TV show that helps launch emerging young designers from the Arab world and offer the best designer among them a unique opportunity to participate in the prestigious international tradeshow.I Fashion assists these designers in developing their collection and advises them in managing their business in order to promote their brand, grow profits, and gain international exposure.Powered by Froala Editor
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